Seasonal Bedding Plants & Vegetable Plants

Seasonal Bedding Plants


We grow our all of our own vegetable plants and all of our bedding plants except the herbaceous plants, which are grown in the UK.

This means you’ll get good quality plants that have been started off by experts. If you’re a local customer you’ll also get a plant that’s started its life in broadly similar conditions to those in your own garden.

You’re also supporting a local business and not adding to the thousands of transport miles and associated carbon emissions that are generated by flying, shipping and trucking plants from around the world.

The herbaceous plants are grown outside, so they’ll be hardy and ready for any surprises the British weather throws at us.

Vegetable plants

We grow from February and our vegetable plants are ready for planting out from around the middle of April. Just take them home and put them in.

We sell:

Aubergine – will do best under glass. Warm the soil before planting and look for sunny, sheltered spots if growing outside

Cabbage – a huge range of varieties of this kitchen favourite

Cauliflower – fertilise and feed before planting for the best results

Cucumber – train to canes and pinch out the side shoots

Lettuce – use young plants as cut-and-come-again salads in containers near the kitchen

Marrow – grow well in growbags

Courgette – water the soil rather than the plant

Melon – need warmth, so consider growing in the greenhouse or with protection

Peppers – use support for plants that crop heavily

Chilli – need sun, work well in greenhouses or on windowsills

Runner beans – keep the soil moist and water regularly

Sweetcorn – grow in blocks to support pollination

Tomatoes – huge range to suit most garden conditions

Strawberries – plants will last and crop for years with good care

Broad beans – plant out in intervals for a long cropping season

Peas – dwarf varieties require less support. The shoots are a delicious salad crop

Broccoli – consider netting if birds become a problem

Beetroot – eat the leaves as a salad or spinach-like green

Herbaceous border plants

Supplied in 1.5-litre to 2-litre pots, and grown outside in the UK, our herbaceous bedding plants are garden ready.

This is just a small selection of what we sell:

Aubretia – hardy perennial, provides good ground cover

Delphinium – huge range of sizes, from dwarf to stunning feature plants

Lupin – great plant for bees

Sedum – grow well in well-drained soil

Saxifraga – handle exposed conditions well

Phlox – a beautiful cut flower

Uberis – lovely heads of white flowers

Geum – a relative of the rose

Erysium – wall flowers, hugely versatile

Dianthus – includes carnations and sweet williams. Huge range to suit most condition. Many are nicely scented

Campanula – many with bell-like flowers

Alyssum – spreading carpet with small flowers

Arabis – like dry, well-drained soils

Veronica – also called speedwell. Spread well and may need to be controlled

Scabiosa – beautiful, delicate flowers over a long flowering season

Spring bedding plants

Grown by us, these should be planted around October as your summer bedding plants come to the end of their season.

Among the many spring bedding plants we sell are:

Bellis – grow in most soils, but thrive in sunlight

Myosotis – forget-me-nots. Will self-sow

Pansy – fantastic range of varieties

Viola – easy to care for with a huge colour and shape palate

Polyanthus – very hardy. A good bee and butterfly attractor

Wallflower – a great plant to get kids growing

Summer bedding plants

For quick colour through the summer months plant at the end of May or beginning or June. They should come out at the end of their season, but don’t send everything straight off to the compost heap. For example, fuchsia, dahlias and geraniums can be taken indoors to overwinter for next year or be used for cuttings to propagate new plants.

Among of summer bedding plants are:

Geraniums – low maintenance with long flowering season

Nicotiana – relative of tobacco. Strongly scented and good for providing height in borders

Portulaca – good low-growing ground-cover plant

Coleus – a good plant for kids to start with

Cosmos – cottage garden classic

Begonia – good in containers and hanging baskets as well as borders

Impatiens – busy lizzies. Good in hanging baskets

Antirrhinum – will thrive in any soil type as long as drainage is good

Cineria – grown for beautiful foliage. May overwinter and produce cuttings

Dahlia – easy to grow and can inspire a life-long passion!

Fuchsia – some varieties produce edible fruits that can be made into jam

Gazania – some varieties evergreen

These trailing plants are ideal for hanging baskets:

Bacopa – beautiful teardrop shape

Trailing geranium – the classic basket plant

Nepeta – catmint or catnip. Best at a height if you have a cat!

Trailing fuchsia – wonderful drooping flowers that last for a long time

Brachycome/Brachyscome – daisy-like flowers

Bidens – drought resistant, an established basket favourite

Lobelia – some incredibly intense colours

Lysimachia – bright, cheerful yellows

You can also buy hanging baskets already planted up and ready to take home and hang. Just remember to keep on top of the watering.

Winter bedding plants

Usually biennial or perennial, winter bedding plants can be planted between September and November and many will flower in milder weather throughout the winter. They also provide attractive foliage displays when much of the garden is dormant.

Among our home-grown selection are:

Erica (winter heather) – beautiful foliage and flowers

Pansies – fantastic choice of vibrant colours

Violas – subtle, compact plants, many with good fragrance