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Container gardening is an exciting way to grow and to add an extra visual attraction to your garden. Our range of pots and planters come in a variety of materials – terracotta, glazed, stoneware, wood, plastic – and a huge range of sizes and shapes to meet all your container gardening needs.

We source our pots from around the world to get you the best quality at the best price. We’re proud to say we’ve got the largest selection of pots in the area and some of the largest pots – come and take a look, we can handle palm trees in these things.

Pots and planters can be used in the garden, in the home, and in semi-outdoor spaces like patios and conservatories.

Planting in pots makes your plants mobile. It’s an easy way to move less hardy plants that won’t survive a British winter inside or into shelter, or get sun-loving plants out of the shade.

A pot is an environment you can control. Growing in pots can protect plants from soil-borne pests and diseases. For example, if you can’t grow brassicas in your vegetable plot because of club root, you can try in a pot with a clean, safe growing medium. Weeding is easy in pots and mulches – everything from organic matter to gravel – can keep your soil weed free.

Your pot or planter is only as good as what you fill it with. Tell us what you want to grow and we can guide you.

Good quality compost is a good general medium but there are many specialist solutions to suit different situations and species. You don’t always need to fill the whole planter with expensive compost. For example, vegetables in pots rarely send roots more than a foot into the growing medium.

Watering is important when you garden in containers, which can easily become waterlogged or too dry. Rocks, stone or gravel can help with drainage; watering systems and water-retaining gels can help keep on top of pots that can dry out too quickly.


Our pots come in sizes from 3inches to 60inches diameter. We source them from around the world to find the best quality at the best price, with large collections from World of Pots and Mega Ceramics.

Terracotta pots are the classic garden pot. They look beautiful but can dry out quickly. They’re very suitable for Mediterranean plants that love the sun. Use for tender plants that come in in the winter as the pots can crack in the frost too. Pot feet that lift the pots off the ground help protect them.

Frost-resistant pots help defeat this annual threat to container gardeners. Feet are an extra protection for when it’s really cold and some ranges come with a guarantee against frost damage.

We sell saucers in both terracotta and glazed finishes. These will help to keep your pots moist when you water them without relying on unsightly plastic or improvised retention systems.


We stock AFK planters, all made in the UK with the best quality materials to look and function brilliantly. AFK also have full certification from the Forest Stewardship Council®.

We sell square and trough wooden planters in natural oak, green and tan and in a variety of sizes.


Half-barrels are popular planters, nothing looks better, and they often host mosses to give an even more natural exterior. Our range of half whiskey barrels is one of our best sellers.

Plastic containers

Stewart Garden have been making plastic garden accessories in the UK since 1945. Plastic is cost effective, hugely durable and offers plenty of choice in shapes and colours. We stock a large range of Stewart pots and planters in many sizes, shapes and colours.

Clay fibre pots

This eco-friendly material allows designers to produce light, long-lasting, water resistant pots in a massive range of shapes.

Remember, a pot or planter can be a starting point. They’re great for taking decoration and as movable visual features in a new garden design. Pot and container gardening can really open up your imagination.