Plant Nursery

Plant Nursery


F. Tate and Sons started out on a Ripon allotment, growing plants. Those are the roots of the business and it’s still a very important part of what we do today.

We grow seasonal bedding plants and vegetable plants for sale at our modern garden centre just outside Ripon.

From aubergines to tomatoes, our vegetable plants grow up locally, and are ready for sale in April. A huge range of seasonal bedding provides quick colour in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

We love growing our own plants and we know our customers like to work with people who’ve got their hands dirty producing the plants they buy.

There are a lot of advantages to buying locally-grown plants beyond the knowledge of the people who sell them to you:

Conditions – plants grown in Yorkshire will grow on well in Yorkshire! All gardens have unique conditions, but buying locally means plants that are at the right stage for local conditions.

People who care – we grow what we sell and we want it to arrive in front of our customers in the best possible condition. We nurture our plants, before packing and handling them incredibly carefully on their way to the centre. We also plant the varieties that work locally and give them the care they need to be their best. We love talking about this, so ask us if you’d like any advice!

Fresh quality – some plants have been raised in highly artificial conditions before being shipped half way around the world to a garden centre. With the best quality control in the world, plants are going to suffer on this journey and not be in the best conditions to thrive in your garden.

The environment – the carbon footprint of locally grown plants is tiny. As they’ll be growing on locally, they’ll be absorbing carbon too. We won’t be introducing any exotic pests, diseases or insects into the local environment either.

Shop local – supporting local businesses is good for all of us. It keeps cash in the local economy and supports employment for local people. Spend locally and we all benefit.