Outdoor Shrubs and Plants

outdoor shrubs and plants


Shrubs are simply woody-stemmed plants, smaller than trees, with growth starting close to the ground. They can be: deciduous, with most leaves falling in autumn, often after a spectacular show of seasonal colour; semi evergreen, with some leaf fall in the colder months depending on weather conditions; and evergreen, with all or most of the leaves surviving the winter.

Shrubs play a huge range of roles in the garden and come in all shapes and sizes. We have large, medium, small, dwarf, ground-cover and climbing plants. We also have a good selection of specimen plants – large plants that can be planted alone as a design focal point.

They can provide “architectural” planting, giving structure and height to borders. Plant them in groups to divide your garden into “rooms” that give the impression of more space. Some shrubs provide spectacular flower or leaf displays and deserve to stand alone as feature plants. Climbers will clamber over fences and other supports and can be trained and pruned to suit your space. You can also choose shrubs to provide ground cover, which is a great way to fill up space in borders and cut down on your weeding. Small and dwarf shrubs make good container plants.

There are shrubs to suit every garden. Try to choose plants that will suit the weather, soil and space where you are. Also choose plants that won’t demand too much of you. Many shrubs are low maintenance, but some will need regular feeding and pruning or protection in harsh weather.

Add fresh compost or organic matter and feed when you plant new shrubs and most shrubs will benefit from an annual feed of general purpose fertiliser in the late winter. Container shrubs should be fed throughout the growing season. Mulching around shrubs will help keep the soil in good condition and weeds down. Mulch after feeding or any time from autumn to late spring as long as the ground is damp. After planting, your shrubs will need to be watered, but once established most shrubs only need water when it’s very dry. Deadhead flowering shrubs each summer. Plants in containers will need regular water – remember to mulch – and should be repotted every few years. Pruning will vary from shrub to shrub.

We source our shrubs both from the UK and internationally. Our new stock starts arriving at the end of January, but we have shrubs arriving throughout the year as they mature, so if you’re looking for something in particular ask us and we should be able to give you a date.

We only buy high quality plants, pot grown outside so they’re hardy and ready to plant out in British conditions.

This is just a small selection of what we sell.


Passiflora (deciduous) – the Passion Flower. Suitable for all soil conditions and prefers sunny spots with shelter from cold winds

Wisteria (deciduous) – a classic wall climber which will cover large areas. Can also be grown in containers or trained as standards in small gardens

Clematis (deciduous, semi-evergreen and evergreen) – a huge variety is available. Best planted in spring or autumn, but can be summer planted with extra water

Parthenocissus (deciduous) – the Virginia creeper. Fantastic autumn colour. Does well in shade

Lonicera (deciduous and semi-evergreen) – Honeysuckle. A wonderful way to attract butterflies and bees

Polygonum (deciduous) – Russian vine. Good screening plant. Can be too vigorous if not controlled

Jasmine (deciduous) – Excellent container plant

Hedera (deciduous) – Ivy. Climber that also makes good ground cover. It is not parasitic on trees and will only damage them if severely out of control

Hydrangea petiolaris (deciduous) – spectacular flowering displays. Prune after flowering is finished to encourage new growth

Ground cover:

Vinca (evergreen) – Periwinkle. Easy to grow and to propagate by division or cutting

Rambling rose (deciduous) – good disease resistant. Prune to control and to keep healthy

Hosta (deciduous) – grown for attractive foliage. Good in shady conditions

Cotoneaster (evergreen) – pretty little flowers and attractive berries

Potentilla (deciduous) – virtually maintenance free in most conditions once established

Leucothoe (evergreen) – like acid, damp conditions

Mahonia repens (evergreen) – drought resistant. Fragrant flowers and pretty purple berries


Rhododendron (evergreen) – need plenty of water

Azalea – (evergreen) – need acid soils and ericaceous compost if potted

Conifer thuja (evergreen) – can be pruned hard. Suitable for shaping

Weigela Monet (deciduous) – bushy growth with attractive variegated leaves and pink flowers

Spiraea japonica Shirobana (deciduous) – very easy to grow as long as there is moisture

Skimmia japonica Rubella (evergreen) – attraction from leaves, buds, flowers and berries


Weigela Red Prince (deciduous) – hardy, good edging or hedge plant

Spiraea Snowmound (deciduous) – beautiful small white flowers

Viburnum (evergreen) – large selection of varieties of this popular border plant

Peony (deciduous) – glamorous blooms that make great cut flowers

Sambucus Sutherland Gold (deciduous) – attractive foliage, a good hedging plant

Salix Hakuro nishiki (deciduous) – Japanese willow. Coloured stems provide winter interest

Pieris japonica Forest Flame (evergreen) – Likes acidic soils

Philadelphus (deciduous) – loves woodland conditions

Hydrangea (deciduous) – huge range of varieties. Just avoid dry, sunny spots

Deutzia (deciduous) – good range many with ornamental bark for winter interest

Cytisus (deciduous) – Broom. Enjoys sunny spots


Exochorda (deciduous) – delicate flowers. Can be trained as wall plant

Corylopsis (deciduous) – wonderful spring colour

Cornus (deciduous) – Dogwood. Attractive stems. Prune to suit your space

Rhododendron (deciduous and evergreen) – huge range of varieties

Pittosporum (evergreen) – beautiful foliage is the prime attraction

Ilex (evergreen) – Holly. Berries and glossy dark leaves for Christmas. Can even be planted for security reasons as it grows strongly

Ceanothus (deciduous and evergreen) – Californian lilac. Long flowering season in full sun, sheltered positions

Camellia (evergreen) – winter and spring flowers. Like acid soil and are good container plants

Wildlife shrubs:

Skimmia (evergreen) – birds love the berries

Cistus (evergreen) – good container plant

Berberis (deciduous and evergreen) – berries for birds who will also nest among its thorns

Lavandula (evergreen) – Lavenders. Bees and butterflies love its flowers

Hebe (evergreen) – Insect and bee attractor

Cotoneaster (evergreen) – berries for the birds

Buddleia (deciduous) – it deserves its name, “The Butterfly bush”

Escallonia (evergreen) – butterflies and insects

Viburnum (evergreen) – berries for the birds

Syringa (deciduous) – Lilac. Butterflies and bees

Ribes (deciduous) – nectar-rich flowers

Daphne (deciduous) – berries for birds. Greenfinch eat the seeds.