Ornamental Trees

Ornamental Trees

If you can plant a tree in your garden, you should. The height they bring is a brilliant way to make your garden look bigger. Trees are an important part of a balanced garden eco system and your local wildlife will thank you. You’ll even be doing something small to help the environment.

Even very small gardens can give a home to a tree – you’ll be surprised at the varieties, sizes and shapes now available to domestic gardeners.

Take some time when choosing your tree; if all goes well you’ll be living with it for many years to come. We’ll be delighted to help you find just the right variety for your garden and your tastes.

Consider how tall it will grow, weeping varieties usually offer a good option if height is an issue. Its width is called the “spread”, there are thin, columnar trees that will squeeze into very tight spots. Take advice if you’d like to plant near buildings – very vigorous roots can interfere with foundations.

Ask when you want your tree to be at its best? When will it flower and fruit? Decorative barks can provide winter interest and evergreens will give you year-round foliage but rob you of spectacular autumn leaf shows.

Your garden’s soil type, light levels, amounts of water and shelter etc should be considered when you choose a tree. Remember that you can grow in containers to create a mini-soil and climate zone to suit your tree and limit its size.

We sell a huge variety of ornamental trees, including:

Acer Crimson King – The Norway maple, with fantastic purple-red flowers and dark-orange flowers

Sorbus Comixta – the Japanese rowan, with beautiful leaves that turn fiery shades or red and orange in autumn, creamy-white flowers and shiny red fruits add even more interest

Sorbus Hybrida – mountain ash. Pretty, small flowers, colourful berries and good autumn leaf shows

Sorbus Joseph Rock – clustered flowers and butter-coloured berries with fine red/orange and purple autumn leaves

Cotoneaster Rothschildianus – semi evergreen with small white flowers and pale yellow berries

Cotoneaster Double Pink – beautiful double flowers. Cotoneasters grow well in moist, alkaline soils with good drainage

Malus Baccata Gracilis – broad and weeping and not too tall. Red buds turn to white flowers and then yellow/orange fruits

Malus Tschonoskii – orange, purple and red autumn leaves; pink buds produce white flowers and largish fruits (it’s a crab apple variety). Columnar growth so good for tight spots

Prunus Accolade – ornamental cherry with spectacular blossom and bright autumn colours. Good for small gardens

Prunus Ichiyo – small ornamental cherry. Beautiful coloured leaves in all seasons and double-flowered blossoms

Prunus Pendula Pendula Rubra – arched branches, strong autumn colour, dark pink flowers from pretty red buds

Autumnalis Rosea – a winter-flowering cherry with yellow autumn leaves and pale pink flowers any time from autumn to spring

Prunus Beni Yutaka – Japanese cherry. Spectacular clouds of white double blossoms with pink touches in spring and good autumn colour. Good in small gardens

Prunus Fragrant Cloud – beautiful scent on large flowers that fade from white to pink. Beautiful but very tough tree – just avoid very wet or chalk conditions