New to F. Tate and Sons is an exciting range of giftware. We’ve got gifts to use in your gardens, but also some lovely home interior accessories too.

Whether you’re shopping for Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, an anniversary, retirement, leaving present, or any other special occasion, we’ve got gifts to suit every budget and taste.

We have a large range of candles in all shapes and sizes, including scented candles. And to keep your candles in wonderful style, we have a good selection of candle holders too.

For gardeners of all experience levels – including children – we have a range of specialist plant pots that look great anywhere in the home.

Bulb bowls – many plants grown from bulbs make wonderful plants in the home. Bulbs produce colourful and fragrant blooms and most can be grown indoors throughout the year. These beautiful, shallow planting pots are an ideal environment for them. Some bulbs – for example, amaryllis – need a period of cold to trigger their blooms, ask us or check a gardening guide. You can use bulb fibre, but you can grow some bulbs just in water. Instant spring!

Indoor pots – a beautiful pot is just the place for a beautiful plant. Drainage holes will help you regulate the watering of your plants. You can grow a huge range of plants indoors in Britain, including some stunning exotic specimens and productive fruit and vegetables, chillies are a great windowsill plant. A pot is a great gift for gardeners or would-be gardeners of all ages, get a plant too and they’ll be in growing heaven.

Orchid pots – orchids are incredibly beautiful plants, and they deserve a beautiful setting. Orchids need special care, and specialist pots – often clear plastic – are helpful for keeping an eye on the plant’s vulnerable root systems, and supply the extra drainage that these plants need. Regular repotting is one of the prices we pay for the beautiful blooms of the orchid, use a good-quality pot to make the process count.

Vases – hopefully you’re enjoying cut flowers from your garden. We have a wide selection of attractive vases to help you make the most of your floral displays. Flower arranging is in the DNA at Tate’s, and we’re always here to give you advice.

Wall plaques – fun gifts for every member of the family. Our range of wall plaques is pretty and fun and suitable for the home or business.

Lighting – we have beautiful lanterns suitable for interior or exterior use. These stylish lights are perfect for any occasion, but make a particularly lovely Christmas or winter birthday gift.

Gift giving days:

Burns’ Night is a celebration of the Scottish poet, seen as a National Day by many Scots, and falls on January 27th.

Valentine’s Day, falls on the feast of St Valentine (an early Christian martyr), and is a day to celebrate love. If you’ve got – or got your eye on – a partner, you need to be buying flowers at least!

St David’s Day is the National Day of Wales on March 1st. If you have Welsh friends or relatives, they’d love a daffodil, the national flower.

Mother’s Day in the UK is celebrated as Mothering Sunday, the fourth Sunday of Lent. The date moves each year – it’s March 6th in 2016 – but it will be around four weeks before Easter.

St Patrick’s Day is the National Day of Ireland, celebrated on March 17th every year, and marked widely around the world, often with a pint or two.

Easter Sunday falls on March 28th in 2016. It is a Christian holiday marking the death and rebirth of Christ, and a public holiday. Many flowers have been associated with Easter, including lilies, daffodils and tulips.

St George’s Day on 23rd April celebrates the patron saint of England, who has traditionally been associated with roses, the national flower of England – white for Yorkshire of course!

Halloween is All Hallow’s Eve on October 31st, a day for Children and adults to celebrate their spooky side.

Remembrance Sunday is the day we traditionally remember our Armed Forces. Remembrance Sunday is celebrated on the closest Sunday to Armistice Day, November 11th, the day the First World War ended. In 2016, Remembrance Sunday falls on November 13th. Poppies have been associated with Remembrance since the battles on the poppy fields of Flanders in Belgium in the First World War.

Christmas – the biggest gift giving day of the year, Christmas, on December 25th, is a Christian festival believed to be dated to coincide with ancient midwinter festivals. Holly and ivy are traditionally linked with Christmas and poinsettia is a popular plant to give as a gift. Forcing hyacinths, amaryllis or other bulbs provides welcome Christmas colour and is a popular kids’ project. We should also not forget the tree of course; we always stock Christmas trees and you won’t find better a better selection, quality or price in or around Ripon.