Garden Tools

Garden Tools

You need the right tools to get the job done right and most gardeners soon become tool buffs – tool bores if they’re not careful!

This really is an area where investing in quality will pay off in the long run.

Garden tools will be out in all winds and weathers and in and out of soil, water, compost and all manner of other mucks and messes. They need to be strong and built with quality materials.

You can take a few simple precautions to keep your tools in their best condition: clean them after each use before giving them a quick dry; sand and oil bare wood handles with linseed oil about once a year; sharpen cutting blades; store your tools somewhere dry and frost-free; clean metal parts with WD40 or a similar oil from time to time. Make sure you find tools that are the right size for you to use comfortably.

We’re proud to stock the Gardman Moulton Mill range. These British-made tools come with a 15-year guarantee.

They have rust-resistant, stainless steel digging blades so soil won’t stick to them. Cutting tools have Teflon-coated upper blades and extra-long sockets so you don’t have to stretch. Extra features include tread edges on spades and double-riveted sockets. The wooden parts are certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council.

We also stock a small variety of Wilkinson Sword tools.

Gardman Moulton Mill tools

Digging spades – the classic garden spade

Border spades – slightly smaller blades allow more control

Digging forks – the vegetable gardeners go-to tool

Border forks – slightly smaller

Lawn edger – for cutting tidy edges around your lawn

Lawn rake – removes thatch and moss to allow your grass to thrive

Soil rake – for preparing planting beds, long-handled

Dutch hoe – deals with light weeds and breaks up compacted soil

Long-handled cultivator – breaks up and aerates soil, the long handle means no bending

Long-handled three-edged hoe – quickly deals with light weeding

Hand trowel – perfect for flower beds

Hand trowel – a must when you’re planting

Potting trowel – a smaller, curvier blade is perfect for scooping out compost

Weed knife – three-sided sharpened head allows to weed in closely planted borders

Three-pronged cultivator – for weeding and breaking up soil

Lawn weeder – narrow blades allow you to pluck out weeds without damaging your grass

Onion hoe – weeds between established plants

Bypass secateurs in medium and large – for light pruning in tight spaces

Hedge shears – ergonomically shaped handles and coated top blade, tackle tough stems

Bypass loppers – heavy-duty and geared for handling up to 30mm stems, perfect for fruit tree pruning.

Anvil loppers – ergonomic handles for comfort and capable of handling heavy duty work

Pruning saw – Japanese steel blade for getting quickly through tough stems

Wilkinson tools

Lawn edge sheers – trim overhanging grass at your lawn’s edge

Grass sheers – for cutting long grass and tidying up after mowing

Telescopic anvil loppers – tackle taller trees and shrubs. Extend to 75cm

Telescopic bypass loppers – close control at a distance. Extend to over 1 metre