Garden Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Garden lighting has come on leaps and bounds in recent years. Both technology and design are changing and improving all the time and we can help you find the right lighting to really show off your garden and turn it into a genuine outdoor room.

As well as helping you enjoy your outdoors space, good lighting is a safety and security plus. Darkness is the burglar’s biggest friend. And if you want or need to work in the dark you’ll need light.

Modern garden lighting is very safe to use.

Garden lighting design is a fun new way to look at your garden. Think about what you want your lighting to do. Is it decorative? Do you want to highlight your gardens special features? Light on water is a particularly magical effect. Paths and steps should be illuminated for safety reasons, and a lit path to your door is welcoming and helpful. Lighting where you eat, drink or entertain outside is necessary, but you can use special effects and colours to make it atmospheric.

Use marker lights to provide night-time definition for paths and borders, they usually cast light at or around ground level. They also help you keep safe in the garden at night.

We also have beautiful ornamental lights; wall lights to light larger areas around your home; and coloured lights for atmosphere. Motion sensor lights will turn on and light your way as you move around the garden or act as a security measure when you have intruders.

Solar lanterns and string lights are mobile, easy to fix and very versatile. They’re great for highlighting attractive climbers and plant-clad walls or fences and useful for patios, decks and gazebos. If you want to party outside you should have some of these.

Many garden lights are now solar powered so there’s no running cost to consider and you don’t have to change batteries. We have rechargeable batteries for a greener alternative to throwaway batteries if you do need a power source.

We stock Cole and Bright solar lighting from Gardman. They’re the UK’s top brand, offering elegant, stylish and practical lighting. Their lights are very well-designed and an attractive feature even in daylight.