Garden Hardware

Garden Hardware

Metal is a wonderful material to use in the garden, providing a beautiful hard/soft contrast against foliage or flowers. It’s also long lasting and extremely low maintenance; it should give you trouble free pleasure for years or even decades to come.

We sell hanging baskets and other wall and free-standing planters, arches and obelisks.

Our hanging baskets are made of wrought iron – the Eiffel Tower is made of a form of wrought iron – and have a five year guarantee.

You can grow almost anything in a hanging basket – try salads or herbs close to the kitchen – but remember to keep them well watered and consider feeding. Specialist compost and a good quality liner will help retain water.

Try lobelia, dichondra, sweet peas, petunia and begonia in a summer basket. Geraniums will give you that classic French-garden look. You can get winter colour with winter pansies, trailing ivies and heathers, with spring bulbs waiting to come up as the weather changes.

We also sell large wall-fixed and free-standing planters.

Hayracks and wall mangers can be treated very much like classic hanging baskets.

Curved planters make an attractive addition to patios and decking and look good in a traditional cottage garden.

We sell Gardman arches. They’re made of black, powder-coated tubular steel. Use them to support large climbers and as a design feature over paths, leading the eye onward, their height giving an extra sense of space. Dividing gardens into “rooms” also fools the eye into thinking there’s more there than meets the eye, even in very small gardens. Arches can also frame a view or go over a seat to create a scented or shaded haven.

Climbing roses are a classic arch plant – look for thornless varieties if it’s a busy path. Honeysuckle, jasmine and clematis are also good arch climbers. Mix annuals and perennial climbers to give you colour while slower growing plants establish and to change your display each year. Try to find plants that need similar treatment.

You can get autumn and winter colour too. Virginia creepers have beautiful autumn foliage and evergreens will stop your arch looking bare in the winter, ivies come in a huge range of varieties and there are evergreen clematis varieties too.

Why not have a productive arch? Grape vines now grow well in this country and climb vigorously and in sunny spots should fruit well.

Easy arch – height 240cm, width 140cm, depth 37cm

Garden arch – h 228cm, w 100cm, d 47cm

Gallic arch – h 224cm, w 124cm, d 48cm

Extra-wide arch – h 229cm, w 152cm, d 48cm

Gothic arch – h 295 cm, w 140cm, d 47 cm

Our obelisks are from Gardman and Smart Solar. They support smaller climbers. Use them in borders to add height or paired around paths or doorways for a classic garden effects.

Roses, peony, delphinium and clematis can work well on obelisks. Tall-stemmed plants can use them as support too. These are attractive pieces of garden metalwork, you can use less vigorous climbers to grow up but not obscure the design of the obelisk, which can also be painted to suit your personal garden design tastes.

English rose obelisk

Eastern obelisk

Chatsworth obelisk

Versailles obelisk

Nature obelisk

Bicton obelisk

Moreton obelisk

Berkeley obelisk