Garden Care and Accessories

Garden Accessories

We have a huge array of everything you’ll need to keep your garden and the plants in it healthy and good looking – from watering to weather protection.

Come and take a look round. Whatever the season and whatever the reason we should be able to help you out.

Plant support

Some plants need a helping hand to reach their full height.

In the vegetable garden, where tomatoes, runner beans and some fruits are just a few that need support, you can use something cost-effective and practical. Ornamental plants demand something easier on the eye, and training plants can produce some spectacular effects.

Plant sticks – we sell lengths from 30cm to 60cm. Plastic and dyed green to vanish amid the foliage

Canes – the classic garden support, perfect for runner beans and other veg, comes in lengths from 3ft to 8ft

Guard stakes – long-lasting, heavier duty supports, suitable for shrubs and young trees. From 1.2m to 2.4m

Tree stakes – from 1.2m to 2.4m

Tree ties – for use with tree stakes. From 30cm to 60cm in length. Heavy duty and durable

Bamboo hoops – in packs of three. These natural supports are great for climbers and look good in pots too

Single stem supports – durable metal with plastic coating. Perfect for show blooms

Extendable Gro-ring – adjustable support to allow you to support long-stemmed plants as they grow

Garden grow set – highly versatile adjustable support that grows with your plants

Garden hoops – plant supports that allow some horizontal movement and are discreet for ornamental use. A range of sizes is available.

Plant support rings – hard-wearing adjustable support, suitable even for large plants

Conical plant supports – maximum support for plants that need help all the way up the stem

Riveted fan trellis – adjustable width, ideal for helping climbers up walls and fences

Heavy-duty trellis – good quality support for larger plants or more extensive wall cover. Available in various sizes

Willow trellis – a natural look that you won’t want to hide

Framed willow trellis – greater support

Trellis panels – build your own support network

Willow obelisk – natural and attractive


The British weather and clever use of mulches can cut down your garden water bills. But most gardens need some artificial irrigation and we’ve got the best in the business.

We have the full range of Hozelock products, the best-known watering specialists, from hose pipes to sprayers with all the extras to reach every corner of your garden.

We sell a large selection of metal and plastic watering cans in a range of sizes and colours.

Hozelock growbag watering system uses a 15-litre reservoir to keep tender plants watered for up to a fortnight. It’s a low-waste system too, perfect for holidays and periods of drought.

Hanging baskets

Once you start growing hanging baskets you’ll want to learn everything about perfecting this beautiful and sometimes challenging growing method.

We’ve got everything you need to get you started and to perfect your craft.

Basket liners – from 10inches to 18inches in diameter.

Coco fibre (or coir) liners – natural looking and with good drainage and aeration properties

Easy liners – made of recycled jute and sisal for good water retention and long life

Rand fibre liners

Moss liners – compressed moss is natural, attractive and gives good water retention and air circulation for your plants

Multi-liners – fit baskets, troughs and mangers. Polythene to save water. Cut to size

Capillary netting – water retaining system

We also sell liners that are suitable for hay baskets and troughs used for planting

Brackets and hooks

We sell a range of brackets and hooks for attaching your baskets to walls. We have heavy-duty hooks for attaching troughs and larger planters securely too.


Bracket fixing kits – complete with drill bits, plugs and screws

Hi-Lo system – simply pull your baskets down for watering with this clever ratchet and spring system. Can also be used for bird feeders

Water gel – add these to your compost to store water and reduce your watering by up to four times

Netting and cultivation

Netting can protect your plants from pests and some weather damage. It needs to be the right strength and have the right mesh size to deal with the particular pest that attacks that crop. It’s also a flexible and cost-effective means of training plants.

Garden arch netting – let your plants clamber over structures with this flexible, sturdy plastic netting

Galvanised wire netting – in various sizes and mesh sizes. Good for chicken coops and persistent and large pest species

PVC-coated wire netting – strong and flexible with a more natural look. Suitable for plant protection and some animal enclosures

Cage and aviary wire – keep your chickens and birds safely in and pests safely out

Mesh panels – repair, re-enforce and build your own protective enclosures

Border fence – decorative, low-maintenance barriers for borders and paths. Various sizes

Ratchet wire strainers – fix wires for fencing and keep them tight

Garden netting comes in many shapes and sizes. We can keep you covered with most of them, including:

Pea and bean netting – provides strong support for these ranging climbers and similar plants like sweet peas and chrysanthemums

Multi-purpose knitted garden netting – soft, flexible and easy to handle, for general crop protection from birds and larger insects

Crop and pond netting – tough and effective, will keep crops safe and cats and herons away from your fish

Gard screens – closely woven netting to shield, shade and windbreak

Greenhouse shading – Cut to length. Durable and lightweight

Insect protection mesh – extremely fine mesh to keep small pests away

Frost guard – fleece keeps birds, insects and the cold off your tender crops. Cut to shape. Allows water through

Bubble insulation – keeps crops in the garden warm and can add extra insulation to greenhouses and frames

Mulch sheets – clears weeds by denying them light

Poly sheet – suitable for crop protection from and creating poly-tunnels and frames

Weedstop – heavy-duty fibre that allows water and nutrients through to the soil but kills weeds; cover with soil or mulch for a natural look

Screening and borders

Dividing your garden is a great design trick, creating distinct spaces increases the sense of space and can create mini zones for exciting planting.

Reed, brushwood, bamboo and willow screens – natural, attractive fencing materials. We sell them in panels from 90cm to 1.8m.

Plastic lawn edging – flexible plastic to keep lawn and border edges defined

Log roll – traditional and attractive way to define borders and lawns or provide low fencing

Fixed log edging – short panels for straight-line edging

Handy packs

These little bags are practical and good value and make great little gifts for gardeners.

Plant labels

Marker pens for labels

Dibber sets – a range of sizes for a range of plants

Greenhouse nuts and bolts – for running repairs

Greenhouse W clips – fixes panes in place

Greenhouse Z clips – support and overlap glass panes

Greenhouse fixing clips

Thermometers – we have window, wall, propagation (for soil temperatures) and soil thermometers

Soil testing kits – rate the alkalinity or acidity of your soil

Twines and strings – various sizes and strengths

Clip twists

Flower clips

Plant rings – for support

Cane eye-guards – keep safe around sharp canes and sticks

Fabric pegs – for mulching sheets and ground cover fabrics

Vine eyes – for guiding wire

Trimmer line – in various sizes for strimmers

Garden rubbish sacks

Kneeler cushions and knee pads – garden in comfort

Weather proofing tape – for greenhouses and out buildings. Good for quick repairs

Duct tape

Cable ties

Mats – want to keep the mud and dust outside? We’ve got a good range of coir pile mats to go outside front and back doors. Coir is a hard-wearing, natural choice for mats. It’s made from coconuts and is environmentally friendly.