Free Delivery

ftateandsons deliveryA lot of garden plants and products are pretty hefty. But don’t let the size of your boot limit your ambitions in the garden. If you’re struggling to get something home we can help out with free local delivery.

If you’ve got your eye on a fine specimen from our range of shrubs, ornamental or fruit trees but are worried about damaging it by squeezing it into a small car, ask us about our delivery service. We’d hate to see you go without the apple tree that would complete your plot, or get home with a clematis that’s battered and tattered by its journey home.

Large purchases of garden tools, composts, mulches, gravels and so on are also bulky, heavy items. We’re always happy to help you get your purchases to your car, and if you need that little bit more help to get them safely home then we may be able to help you with our free local delivery service.

We specialise in giant pots and planters, and we know these can be a struggle to transport. Other large items of garden furniture and supports like obelisks can also leave you wondering if you can get them home safely.

We offer free local delivery in Ripon, which is subject to a minimum amount spent. If size is an issue, speak to us and we’ll see what we can do. We’re always happy to keep purchases aside for when you can return with a vehicle that suits if you’ve arrived on foot or by bike.

We’ve got a van with enough room to carry pretty much everything you see on this site or at the centre. And remember, local deliveries have a far lower carbon footprint than clicking online for something to travel hundreds of miles to your home.

Contact us or ask anyone at the garden centre when you visit to check what your free local delivery options are or the costs and possibilities if you require a delivery to further afield.