Feed, Weed and Pest Control

Weed, feed and pest control


Many garden plants need an extra helping hand if they’re to reach their full potential. We stock a very wide range of weed killers, pest controllers and plant foods. Ask if you have any questions, we’ve been at this for years.

Weeds can be unsightly and compete for water and nutrients with the plants you want to grow. Lawns are a particular challenge – how do you remove weeds without damaging the grass that grows around them?

You can do a lot by cultivating with weeds in mind.

Not digging too deeply can help. The soil is full of millions of dormant weed seeds and when you dig you bring them up into the top layer where light and heat will trigger them to start fighting for life.

Mulches and other soil coverings also help to keep weeds down. Take a look at our compost, mulches and aggregates page. Good cultivation should include manual weeding too – we’ve got the tools for that too.

Some weeds – like bindweed – are invasive and hard to control, do ask if you’re struggling to remove a particularly persistent pest.

We stock Scotts, Bayer and Doff ranges of weed killers. They’re all established companies and their products are safe to use if you follow the instructions.

Some general safety tips for using any chemical in the garden: always follow the instructions and use chemicals only for their intended purpose; wear rubber gloves; wash your hands thoroughly after using garden chemicals; don’t eat, drink or smoke around garden chemicals; don’t buy more than you need and don’t prepare more than you need for each application; remember the undersides of plants when spraying; keep children and animals away from chemicals while you’re applying them and store them safely.

Clean any equipment you use to apply weed killers carefully after use. Keep a watering can or spray bottle just for applying herbicides – don’t feed or water with it.

Our selection includes:

Moss Killer – available in spray and concentrate

Roundup – multipurpose herbicide in spray or concentrate

Path Clear – long-lasting, non-selective weed killer in spray or concentrate

Algon – organic weed killer in spray or concentrate

Verdone – spot weed killer for lawns in spray or concentrate

Evergreen – combined lawn weed and moss killer and feed with spring and autumn versions


Even putting compost, manure or other organic matter on your garden is a method of feeding.

We have a range of traditional and bang up-to-date feeds for all sorts of plants, including:

Orchid food – these exotic rain forest plants feed voraciously in their native habitats and need help to thrive out of them

Citrus food – lemon and lime trees are popular in British gardens, specialist feed will help them fruit

Rose food – the classic British garden bloom benfits from extra nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium

Miraclegro all purpose – suitable for the flower and vegetable garden and for house plants. Provides nutrients through the leaves and roots, so spray or water

Bone meal – traditional feed and a good source of phosphorous, helping plants to flower. Works best in alkaline soils and in conjunction with nitrogen feeds

Chicken manure pellets – a good source of nitrogen. Don’t use on ericaceous (acid-loving) plants

Fish blood and bone – good value, slow-release and natural all-purpose feed

Growmore – popular all-purpose food. Can be used as a top or soil dressing

Pest control

Take the same general precautions as you would with weed killers when using pest control products. Always follow the instructions and be very aware of children and animals or look for animal- and child-safe products.

We have a huge range of pesticides, including:

Slug Clear – also kills snails. Best applied in mild, damp weather

White fly killer – these small pests feed on plant sap

Spider mite – a family of pests that are a particular problem on roses and fruit trees and bushes

Vine weevil – the adults eat leaves, the grubs roots, particularly in containers