Christmas Colour in Ripon: Indoor Plants, Gifts and Wreaths

Christmas is a splash of colour in the dark winter. These splashes of living colour make wonderful gifts and are a great way to brighten the home until spring comes again.

Christmas colour and growing gifts

Here are just some of the beautiful indoor plants that could be lighting up your home this Christmas:

Solanum – the orange-red berries on the Winter Cherry are a bright spot at this time of year and will last for up to three months.

Amaryllis – these colourful flowering bulbs are a Christmas classic. Make sure they get enough light if you want to enjoy a full, lasting display.

Cyclamen – We have small and large cyclamens, one of the classic winter house plants. The dark green foliage and pink flowers are a great contrast. They’re a woodland plant originally, so don’t let them get too warm.

Single Hyacinths – a traditional Christmas gift, the hyacinth brings wonderful fragrance as well as great colour. Don’t let them dry out. Also available in sets of three.

Poinsettias – its dark greens and reds make the poinsettia the ultimate winter house plant. It’s a tropical plant so it needs to be warm and to get plenty of light. Water when the compost feels dry, and by cutting back after flowering you can get a good show next year too.

Orchids – a pot of these rain forest beauties as a gift is the start of a fascinating and rewarding hobby for many growers. It’s a big family of plants, so check the individual care labels. Some orchids can be propagated at home from plantlets, cuttings or by division.

Azaleas – keep these colourful plants in cooler rooms for a longer life and don’t let them dry out. It takes a bit of work, but they can be planted on and brought back indoors next winter.

Cymbidiums – these evergreen orchids are relatively easy to care for and pay spectacular dividends with long-lasting flower displays. They can graduate to a greenhouse or conservatory and then the garden in the summer.

Kalanchoe – these cheerful, low-maintenance succulents are a shining light at this time of year. They like a lot of light and be wary of over-watering (let the compost dry out between waterings) and keep them out of drafts.

Mini snow trees – these manageable firs bring some Christmas magic to the house or can be planted outdoors for some winter greenery.

We sell many of these plants in ready-made arrangements in lovely wicker baskets that are a beautiful addition to any home and can make a fantastic gift.

Christmas trees

Our Christmas trees are the best value you’ll find. From 4ft to 12ft we have fantastic quality, fresh, hand-selected, non-drop, cut trees, wrapped and ready to go.

We have living trees too, up to 4ft tall and potted.

Gifts and extras

Holly and Turkish wreaths are a must at this time of year.

We also now stock a selection of gifts and homeware – from candles to doormats – and we’ve got everything for the discerning gardener.

We have our own vouchers and National Garden Gift Vouchers.

Winter necessities

Don’t forget the birds on your Christmas gift list. Pick up feeds, seeds and shelters for your feathered friends and if it snows we’ve got the shovels and salt to keep you safe and the sledges to make the most of it.