Boxing clever in August!

If you’re looking to add some instant elegance, colour and structure to your garden, consider using plants grown in containers.

The advantages of container plants are that they can be easily moved around the garden to freshen your layout and add new interest … or if you just change your mind about where they look best! Of course you can change the actual containers themselves whenever you like to blend with your overall design and colour theme, so container plants are a flexible addition to any size or type of garden. Nothing says ‘des res’ quite so much as a matching pair of stylish potted plants on either side of a front door or garden path.

To grow in a container, a glossy evergreen such as common box (buxus) has much to offer: all year round rich foliage which is hardy, easy to care for and can be clipped into the formal shapes of topiary. It will tolerate most conditions – including full sun or shady spots underneath trees – if cared for and watered appropriately. However, they don’t appreciate water-logged soil, so watch out for that especially during the winter months.

Prune twice a year to maintain the shape and the formal, structural appeal – once in May and then in August. To allow for an increase in overall size, allow 2” of new growth per year to survive the pruning and repot into a larger container once every two to three years. 

Throughout August, fabulous well-grown and shaped box plants in containers (buxus sempervirens) are on offer at F. Tate & Sons. You can choose from the classic ball shape, a pyramid or impressive spirals … or why not one of each? Including the pot, the balls and pyramids are approximately 80cm tall and the spirals are well over a metre, but hurry as supplies are limited and these great prices are only available while stocks last during August.

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